Mark Warren


*Since writing in third person is always fun, even when everyone knows it's Mark writing on his own website, for continuity’s sake, although at risk of sounding pretentious, we’ll just see where this goes.*

You hear a lot of people say, “there’s no good music nowadays,” especially when reminded of music icons like Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Sam Cooke. Mark Warren attempts to crush that myth with a mix of jazz, R&B, soul, and singer-songwriter pizzazz that points to how far music has come through the ages. With artists like Michael Bublé and Harry Connick Jr. continuing a tradition of jazz, to Ed Sheeran and Dave Barnes, who keep the soulful singer-songwriter vibe alive for a new generation, today's generation has so much music to be inspired by.

Full name Mark Warren Klentzman. (Warren is his middle name. Apparently his parents foresaw him being a crooner.) As the middle-est of 7 children, music has always been in his blood. Spending his life singing at churches with his family and/or at a countless variety of events and being a voice of all trades, his purpose has always remained to spread joy where it’s needed.

And music is a very efficient means to that end. 

The last few years have seen Mark grow as a singer and an artist in so many ways. It would seem that every adventure in his life has brought him to this point. Where his dream of album-dropping comes true. 

“Portraits” is a compilation of songs written for and about many of the special people in Mark Warren’s life.

**Also check out EXODUS SOUND COMPANY. Mark is the owner/founder/head DJ Entertainer.**

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